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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of straw do you sell?


We can supply wheat, barley or oat straw. For electricity generation we can source other types of straw or potential fuel.


What size bales are available?


For straw bale house building the usual size is a small conventional bale. These are the type which are relatively easy to manually handle. They vary in size depending on the type of baler used. Nominally they are 900 - 1200mm long (but our preferred bales are around 1050mm long). They are approximately 450mm wide and 360mm deep. We would stress that you must verify the bale size and recognise that that bales are not precision items. We can also supply a range of heavier large round or rectangular bales (the type which need to be handled mechanically). For power generation the are often full, midi or mini hesston bales.


Why should the straw be suitable for housebuilding?


We have extensive experience of supplying straw for this purpose and are aware of the key qualities in terms of moisture content, density, shape, appearance etc. We used an increasing network of producers who are experienced in producing suitable bales


How much will the straw cost?


There are so many variables. Please contact us with your requirements and we will give you the best price we can.


What experience do you have regarding supplying straw for house building?


We have supplied straw for many building projects, including the current largest UK build at Stansted.


What can you offer regarding supplying straw for power generation?


We can use our extensive contacts to source large quantities of straw in various locations in order that haulage costs can be kept to a minimum. We understand the reluctance of some farmers to allow their straw to be baled and work with clients and farmers to get the best result for all parties. Alternatively we can source from key contacts or bale straw ourselves.