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Agricultural and Forestry Services

Forestry services Bedfordshire Straw for building


Longhay Ltd is a Hertfordshire based agricultural and forestry services company.


Our services include the following:


  • Supply and brokerage of hay, straw and haylage throughout UK and overseas.

  • We specialise in the supply of straw for house building, events and for pond clearance.

  • Field and paddock topping locally

  • Forestry operations including creation of tracks, tree planting and associated maintenance, thinning, production and delivery of logs and providing advice to woodland owners and managers.

  • Meadow creation and rejuvination.


We produce hay and straw for small animals on a wholesale and retail basis.


To buy or sell barley straw please visit our specialist web site www.barleystraw.co.uk


We mix tradition with innovation to ensure that all our clients receive a top quality service.



If you want to discuss your requirements please call/text John Barber on 07703 330988 or e-mail info@longhay.co.uk.